Wireless Network

Wireless Network and Remote Access Points

We provide a diverse line of wireless networking products and technologies designed to increase employee output, simplify collaboration, and sharpen interactions between workers, partners, and clients. The solution supports fast business apps and creates a safe, mobile, interactive office so that you can exceed client expectations, and beat out the competition. Our wireless technologies include wireless access points, bridges, wireless LAN controllers and other devices.

Wireless Access Points

Access points provide protected, easy-to-manage, and dependable connectivity with outstanding coverage and performance.

Wireless Bridges

Wireless LAN bridges provide a high-speed and multi-featured technology for integrating numerous LANs in a metro and urban situation or public access environment.

Wireless LAN Cards

Wireless LAN Client Adapters connect a variety of products to a wireless environment either in impromptu client-to-client mode or in infrastructure mode with wireless LAN access points

WLAN Controllers

Wireless Controllers are responsible for centralized wireless network functions, including integrated IPS, real-time RF management, zero touch configuration, and full N+1 redundancy.