Desktop and Laptop Support

Los Angeles Computer Desktop Support and Laptop Support

Programs crashing?
Is your computer freezing up?
Are you unable to start the computer?
Flickering screen?
Error messages?
Corrupted data?
Problems printing?

We can help with all of these issues and much more…

No matter what the problem is, we can fix it!!!

If you have noticed that your computer runs slower from when you first bought it, it is time for a complete system clean up. Over the time Windows OS becomes jumbled with unnecessary programs, ad ware, and spyware, wrong settings, garbage in the system registry and fragmented file systems which can really slow down your PC.

Our Desktop and Laptop Support Services:

  • Installation and Support of Windows Server Based Systems
  • Installation and Support of Windows XP and Vista Based Systems
  • Installation and Support of Microsoft Office Products
  • New Desktop Setup
  • Desktop Software Troubleshooting
  • PC Hardware upgrades, Troubleshooting, RMA service
  • General Platform Migration Services

It’s important to have periodic system clean ups because it helps stop random pop ups, system and program crashes and extends the life of your computer.