IP Phone and Voice Over IP (VOIP)

Do you feel that your office phone system are bleeding company resources?

A TOP TELECOM can streamline your business or with VOIP PBX phone systems.  We can install, support, and provide service for your voice over IP phone, call manager, and contact center setups.  We will update your communication systems with VOIP, a system like this is a unified communication and phone solution, which can and will integrate your calls, voicemails, and faxes into your data network, allowing you to manage them more effectively and efficiently.  Now your productivity will be increased and your expenses will be reduced.

The rewards and help of VOIP Call Manager, or any other phone system extend far beyond long distance savings.  VOIP gives employees a wireless and virtual office so they can stay in contact, no matter where they might be.  Calls can be forwarded to home or cell as needed. Local telephone numbers can be maintained in areas where your business would like to give a presence or physical appearance.  In addition,  combining voice and data can be seamless; VOIP can often be used with your existing phone system for the most transparent migration.