Network Infrastructure Support

It doesn’t matter if you need computer networking in LA or computer network help in Orange County or IT consulting in West LA because A TOP TELECOM is your IT consulting choice for outsourcing. We believe and stand by that the best network is one that functions transparently. Not having to worry about downtime means you can spend more time thinking about what’s important in your business and focus on your industry while we handle the technical matter. We design network infrastructure solutions with fault-tolerance, performance, and reliability in mind.

Computer Network Design

We can design and install a flexible data and VoIP network infrastructure for you that accommodate your current computer networking needs and incorporates scalability for future business expansion. Since technology advances very quickly these days, we also plan for the future upgrades and maintenance that will keep your converged network running as smoothly as it did on day one.

Computer Network Analysis

Is there a stoppage in your business network that is keeping you from running at full speed and potential? We can perform an IT network assessment of your existing network, assessing legacy networks to troubleshoot network slowness or inefficiencies.

Network Installation

The installation and configuration of your new data and/or voice network equipment is A-TOP’s specialty. We ensure, that devices, servers, and equipment is deployed correctly from theget go and with great care and plenty of testing. We also document our work for the future reference.

Computer Network Integration

Is it time to expand your network? We can integrate a new network installation and devices into your existing computer network, reconfiguring your peripherals to accommodate the upgrade, addition, removal, or modification of devices.

Network Storage

A TOP TELECOM can assess your needs to build and configure a network storage solution with security that suits your specifications. We work with you to make sure that you can access your data storage quickly, reliably, and safely.