Data Voice Cabling Service

A TOP TELECOM has the knowledge, experience and expertise to educate and train customers and clients about the system requirements as well as to help them determine the best and most productive cabling scheme for their particular situation.

An intelligent cabling system can pay for itself many times over during its lifetime. Good decisions today can eliminate expensive re-cabling in the future. We offer full cabling services for your Los Angeles office including consultation, design, installation, and repair for voice, data, and video applications.

A TOP TELECOM related cabling services:

  • Category 5e, 6, 7 Data Cable Installation
  • Category 5e, 6, 7 Data Cable Installation
  • Add or Relocate Phone / DSL Lines / LAN Jacks
  • Data and Voice Patch Panel Installation
  • Computer Room and Data Center Design
  • Sever Racks
  • Data, Video, and Voice Converges
  • LAN Redesign, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Video (coax) Cable Install
  • All Types of Wiring (Surface, In-Wall, and Outside)
CAT6 Wiring - 32 Locations
(Double Network and Phone Jacks)
Warehouse at Belflower, CA
01_Rack_front1.jpg 02_Rack_front2.jpg 03_Rack_open1.jpg
Equipment Rack
(2 Patch panels,
2 Switches)
Equipment Rack
(angle view)
Equipment Rack
(angle view)
04_Rack_open2.jpg 05_Rack_open3_top.jpg 06_Rack_open3_bottom.jpg
Equipment Rack
Top Patch Panel
(Rear view)
Bottom Patch Panel
(Rear view)
07_Patch_Panel.jpg 09_plate_4_Jacks.jpg
3rd Patch Panel
and Swithch
Wiring Location:
2 Network, 2 Phone
Modular Jacks
Wiring Locations:
10_plate_4_Jacks_cable.jpg 11_plate_2_Jacks_cable_man.jpg 12_plate_2_Jacks_cbl1.jpg
Patch cords plugged Surface mount box
with cable managment
Modular plate
with 2 Data Jacks
13_plate_4_Jacks1.jpg 14_Uplinks_2_plates1.jpg 15_Uplinks_2_plates2.jpg
Modular plate,
In-wall wiring
6 Server Uplinks
2 surface mount boxes
(angle view)